The goal of the Commissioner’s Business Recognition Awards is to recognize Florida’s business leaders and partners that have shown the most commitment in bringing positive change and implementing bold, innovative approaches to improve the academic performance of students in Florida’s education system and communities. These educational connections help Florida school districts gain a competitive edge in providing enhanced services to the students they serve.



奥兰多魔术队已经与奥兰治县公立学校合作了30多年. 来自他们的魔法指导计划, which provides students with job shadowing opportunities and a behind the scenes look into the NBA industry, to their partnership with the Florida Department of Transportation to teach young students the importance of traffic safety, the Orlando Magic has consistently shown their commitment to positively impacting students in Orange County.


For the past three years, Sodium Fishing Gear has been a champion for education in Citrus County. 在他们坚定的支持下, 柑橘县能够继续它对五年级学生最有影响力的项目之一, Book, Line, & 思想家. This unique hands-on approach allows all 5th graders to experience a chartered fishing trip to learn about science and math while exploring Citrus County's waters.


Fishbein Orthodontics in Escambia County not only provided water bottles and percussion instruments to local schools this year, they provided complimentary orthodontic treatment to school-age students who have overcome adversity in their lives or have shown significant acts of kindness. 不仅学生和他们的家庭受益于Fishbein正畸公司的慷慨, 埃斯坎比亚县的教育者们也是如此. 菲什本无私地奉献了他们的时间, 人才, 和资源,以支持全球十大老品牌网赌正规网址的教育工作者,确保学生取得积极的成果.

We are so thankful for all of the incredible business partnerships happening in our school districts!




Chemours has supported Bradford County Public Schools in a variety of ways that has allowed their students to have experiences in STEM that they would not have had otherwise. 他们的资助包括3万美元.为今年的STEM实验室和乐高机器人项目提供00美元的资助. Chemours也赞助5美元,000 Future of Chemistry scholarship to a Bradford High School Senior who will pursue a career in a STEM field, 在他们的AT&并定期参加布拉德福德郡学校的职业日活动. 他们的支持对布拉德福德县的学校和学生来说意义重大!


自2015年以来的每个夏天,杜瓦尔县公立学校都与之合作 Emtec公司. to engage high school students from DCPS Technology Academies in a technology focused student intern program. 参与,学生必须由学校提名, 提交一份简历, 参加一个面对面的面试. 自从项目开始, 这些学生已经重新拍摄并清理了100多个,000名学生笔记本电脑, 打扫了700个教室放映机, 更换5,000个损坏的资产标签,超过2个,000台学生笔记本电脑需要维修. The work that they do each summer plays a vital role in ensuring that classroom technology is ready on day one of each school year. 许多学生年复一年地回来参加这个项目, 甚至在他们高中毕业之后, 在大学暑假期间. The knowledge and skills that these students have obtained from their experiences has had an incredibly positive impact on their ability to gain employment in the field of technology. 该项目的学生已经开始为dcp全职工作, Emtec和杰克逊维尔市, using the hands-on experience they gained through the program on a day-to-day basis in their careers.


建筑商+ 一直为FAU实验学校A提供支持.D. 亨德森的STEM, STEAM和机器人项目. 最近, 他们设计, built and paved a new underwater robotics facility that has made a huge improvement on the overall safety of the program. Now over 100 additional students have access to practice at various times throughout the school day, 让他们的search和Mate团队在当地和州的比赛中脱颖而出. 建筑商+ strong support of the Parent Teacher Organization provides for several school community events including faculty appreciation days, 茎的夜晚, 彩色赛跑等等. Mr. Jon Cipyak with 建筑商+ has also been a leader in helping build the district's first Annual Fund. 这些资金支持学者, 体育运动, 艺术, 教师培训, 科技和学生生活活动. This generosity ensures that each child in the district can participate in the full school experience, 不论家庭收入如何. 最后,先生. Cipyak and 建筑商+ are leading benefactors of the Let's Build This Together capital campaign to build a new school, which will enable them to highlight a unique educational model throughout the state and nation.


约翰和阿曼达·霍恩 安娜玛丽亚牡蛎吧 founded and implemented the Dive into Reading summer program to support Manatee County Public Schools’ most vulnerable student population, 其中包括大约450个上升的第一名, 二、三年级学生. 他们的目标是提高阅读技能, 战斗夏季滑梯和导师/模型社会情绪学习技能. The Hornes have helped in so many ways including opening each of their restaurants to classes of Title I children each week, providing a restaurant experience allowing children to order off a menu (sometimes for the first time in their lives), 为孩子和他们的导师提供早餐, recruiting over 400 volunteers from their staffs and patrons who all agreed to participate in a mandatory training, 对志愿者进行阅读指导策略的培训, 每周为每个孩子捐赠免费的书籍和装满学习用品的背包, 为监督服务的协调员提供补偿, 运输, 导师等等. In 2018, the Hornes were awarded the National Restaurant Association’s Education Foundation Good Neighbor Award for Dive into Reading. They have also set up an account at the Manatee Community Foundation to grow the support and involve community members in funding this initiative, 目前几乎全部由他们资助, 他们的朋友和其他私人捐赠.


全球十大老品牌网赌正规网址的使命 St. 乔社区基金会 是为了提高佛罗里达西北部人们的生活质量而给教育拨款吗, 健康社区和文化艺术. 今年,圣. 乔提供了大约227,000美元,用于在圣. 乔·水声并提供了该项目的设施. 管理者A的愿景. Russell Hughes is that MIC is Walton County’s first Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEAM) school. 2019年11月开放, MIC is a state-of-the-art program preparing students for the global workforce through experience and exploration. 第一届60名学生从事工程, 计算机科学,并将在未来获得行业证书和学徒. St. 乔也投资了50美元,为沃尔顿县学区最新的小学购买书籍和科技产品的费用是1万美元, 沙丘湖泊. 这笔赠款帮助学生们在奥德赛思想和第一届乐高联盟比赛中获得一席之地. 圣. 乔社区基金会授权WCSD加强其10个社区的学术经验,709 students by awarding numerous classroom grants providing them opportunities to meet tomorrow’s challenges with a cutting edge, 世界一流的教育.